2017 Conference Recap

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10:30AM – Noon

Too Blessed to be Stressed: Connecting Your Faith, Physical Health and Emotional Well-Being
Presenter: Dr. Brenda Richardson-Rowe

Wellness Account
Presenter: Tamu Lewis

Attention Deficit Disorder in the African American Community
Presenter: Dr. William Lawson and Dr. Nakia Scott

Race-Based Trauma: Living while Black
Presenters: Charlotte Caples and Tanya Rollins

Self-Care in Action: A Trauma-Informed Approach
Presenter: Courtney Bailey

A Focus on Sickle Cell Disease: Pain, Mental Health, and Family Support
Presenter: Chelsi West Ohueri

KEYNOTE  – What I Know Now
Presenter: Tamu Lewis



The Clinical and Biblical Perspective on Mental Health and the Church 1/2
Presenters: Rev. Preston Allen and Rev. Dr. Barbara Williams

RA1SE: Improving outcomes in early onset psychosis
Presenters: Chelsea Keyt, Jacy Boyd, Emi Kyle, Dale Cannedy, Dominique Simmons and Angie Tyler

You have to “Turn Down” in order to “Turn Up”
Presenter: Zana Muscove

Behavioral Health Disparities in Texas and the Lack of Workforce Racial/Ethnic Diversity
Presenters: Shannon Moreno and Lauren Lluveras

From Exile to EMBRACE – Helping African Americans and Their Families Heal
Presenter: Alicia Buchanan

Treat to Prevent Hepatitis C Care Program: Millennials, Drugs and Hepatitis C
Presenter: Dr. Imtiaz Alam



Faith-Based Approach to Addressing Mental Health and Suicide in Adolescents
Presenters: Jamie Freeny and Tarik Daniels

Grown As Kids: Confessions of an After-school Time Provider
Presenter: Icye Walker

Suicide Prevention: How to Help Keep Someone Alive
Presenter: Laura H. Gold

How Power and Privilege Can Impact Peer Relationships
Presenter: Michelle Bibby

Seeing Ourselves in Holy Texts: Black Identity Formation in The Christian Faith.
Presenter: Larry Crudup

Who is the victim? Violence and people of color
Presenters: Dr. William Lawson, Dr. Ryan Sutton and Dr. Terrence Allen



Sound the Alarm! Promoting Clergy Self-care 1/2
Presenters: Natasha Stewart and Pastor AJ Quinton

Fluffy Women of Color: Examining the Identities of Plus Size Hispanic and African American Women
Presenter: A. Natalie R. Hendrix

This Ain’t The Blues. It’s Depression.
Presenter: Dr. Edna Brinkley

Culturally-Responsive Counseling in the Era of Community-Wide Racial Stress
Presenters: Dr. Bianca Jones and Andrea Holman

Resiliency Coming Through a Storm: The Before, During, and After
Presenters: Flora Releford and Rhonda Douglas

What Women and Minority Veterans Should Know 1/2
Presenters: Betty Moseley Brown, Earl Newsome and Susan Lewis



Central Lunatic Asylum for Colored Insane: Analysis of the First 10000 Admissions 1868-1941
Presenter: Dr. King Davis

Holistic Mentoring: the Treatment for the Addiction to Hopelessness
Presenter: Dr. Rebera Foston

Ask-The-Doctor Panel
Presenters: Dr. William Lawson, Dr. Gloria Oyeniyi and Dr. Edna Brinkley

Continuing Courageous Conversations: Facing Racial Bias
Presenter: Rosalee Martin

They Took My Wonder Women (Superman) Card. I’m Perfectly Imperfect. It’s ok.
Presenters: Rhonda Douglas and Donald Seamster

Addressing Challenging Clinical Issues with African American Service Members, Veterans, and Military Families
Presenters: Dr. Brittany Hall-Clark and Dr. Iman Williams Christians

KEYNOTE – ACES and the Addiction to Hopelessness”
Presenter: Dr. Rebera Foston