With Special Guest Nicole Conway

Nicole R. Conway is a mother, grandmother, wife, and a new author. By looking at her no one would ever know that she is an overcomer of a malformation that threatened to paralyze her at the age of 40, and that she thrives against severe depression and anxiety.

Nicole is a native of Seattle, WA who relocated to Austin with her family when she was 10 years old. She and her husband currently lives in Round Rock, Texas and has five children between them and two beautiful granddaughters. Nicole currently is a property manager for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and has more than 17 years of state service. Outside of her years of state service, Nicole is also a plus size model, image consultant, and stylist.

Her recently published book: Coco’s Chronicles: A Daily Dose of Inspiration is one of many tools she uses to help others conquer mental health challenges that often times rob of us our dignity and confidence. Nicole says, “This book was written for those who have experienced valley lows as well as the mountain top. A book designed for those who have made bad choices, who have overcome obstacles that in turn have made them stronger. It’s one of triumphs, defeats and victories. Many times we are faced with distractions and difficult situations that throw us off track…these things were designed to make it hard to reach a place of safety. We are bruised but not broken.”

Mrs. Conway is person with lived experience of debilitating mental health conditions who is now living in continued wellness. She is very personable, transparent and always open to sharing her story in hopes of helping others.

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