Garnet F. Coleman ‘Eternal Flame’ Award 2020

This award was created to honor Texas State Representative Garnet F. Coleman. The award acknowledges his lifelong local, state and national work as well as his unwavering advocacy and achievements in health and human services.

This award will be given based on the extent to which the nominee meets the following:

Involvement in local, state and national government and community

  • May be employed by any governmental entity
  • May be active in local community affairs in the Central Texas area
  • Is a highly respected person in the community
  • Volunteers or has volunteered on a board or in the community
  • Demonstrates commitment and dedication to the African American community

Dedicated to expanding health care access for African Americans

  • Has changed attitudes about the value of contributions made by people with lived experience of mental health, substance use, intellectual and developmental challenges
  • Supports the development of new resources and initiatives that draw community interest and participation which resulted in a long-term benefit to African Americans.

Works to reduce disparities in people living with mental health substance use, intellectual and developmental challenges.

  • Advocates for mental health and wellness in the Central Texas area
  • Shares personal knowledge and skills to promote the positive welfare of others   
  • living with mental health, substance use, intellectual and developmental challenges