Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is composed of all conference committee members and meets once a month. The Planning Committee is responsible for overseeing the planning of the conference. The Planning Committee gives guidance and feedback on all aspects of the conference.





January 15, 2020January Agenda
December 18, 2019December AgendaMenu Options
Budget Info
November 20, 2019November AgendaNovember Minutes
October 16, 2019October AgendaOctober Minutes
September 18, 2019September AgendaSeptember MinutesPerson First Language
August 21, 2019August AgendaAugust MinutesWorking Timeline
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July 17, 2019July AgendaJuly MinutesWorking Timeline
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2020 Budget Draft
Keynote Speaker Ideas
2020 Flyer Options
June 19,2019June AgendaJune MinutesSponsorship Packet for Review – Updated 7/15
Sponsorship Letter for Review – Updated 7/23
Elevator Speech for Review
May 15, 2019May 2019 Agenda May 2019 Minutes
Chair Subcommittee Roles
   Chair Nominations – CLOSED
   Conference Planning Agreement

2020 Budget Draft

2019 Conference Evaluation Results

2019 Conference Recap

2019 Conference Take Aways