Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for identifying program content and program participants including: Master/Mistress of Ceremonies (MC), poster sessions, plenary and workshop session presenters, dignitaries, and special guests. The committee will:

  • Request Call for Papers (workshops and posters) from the community.
  • Review and select presenters.
  • Develop conference program agenda.
  • Designate an Ambassador for each Workshop.





January 14, 2020AgendaDraft Program
December 2019No Meeting
November 19, 2019AgendaMinutesWorkshop Presenters
Workshop Proposals
Poster Proposals
October 8, 2019October AgendaOctober MinutesUpdated Draft Program
September 10, 2019September AgendaSeptember MinutesUpdated Draft Program
August 13, 2019August AgendaAugust MinutesDraft Program Guide
July MinutesTimeline – work in progres