Fundraising & Sustainability Committee

The Fundraising & Sustainability Committee is responsible for identifying and implementing strategies that will support the long term future of the conference. The committee will:

  • Establish a plan for the long term sustainability of the conference and its role as a component in supporting the mental health of Austin and the surrounding communities.
  • Identify potential partners that can support the conference
  • Identify potential funders and work in partnership with Integral Care to make requests.
  • Work with the Outreach & Marketing Committee to promote sustainability activities such as fundraising.

Sponsorship Information:

Sponsorship Letter – updated Sponsorship Packet – updated Elevator Speech.Draft Past & Prospective Sponsors
DateAgendaMinutesResources for Meeting
August 28, 2019August AgendaAugust Minutes Reception Conf Call Notes
July 24, 2019July AgendaJuly MinutesTimeline – work in progress